The safety of Politicon attendees is our number one priority, and several layers of security are in place at our events. Some security measures will be readily apparent, others will not. And while we don’t discuss our security plan in detail, here is some information on measures you will encounter and how best to plan for expedited entry.

There will be a police presence onsite for the duration of the event, and weapons of any kind are prohibited. All entry doors at Politicon are outfitted with new state-of-the-art walk-through metal detection systems where attendees will be screened prior to entry. All Entrance and exits ways will have security stationed at all times.

In order to increase the efficiency of this important and necessary process, attendees are encouraged to keep the following in mind before they arrive at the venue entrance:

• Minimize the number of personal items you bring.
• Remove from your clothing and belongings all items that may trigger an alarm prior to being screened.
• Security screeners will have plastic bins into which those items can be placed while walking through detectors.
• If the alarm sounds, you will be subject to a secondary screening which may slow your entry into the arena.
• Those with a large number of personal items are urged to utilize a transparent bag for storage.
• All bags entering Politicon should be soft sided, smaller than 12x12x12.

And remember if you see something say something to any Politicon staff or security personnel.