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Politicon brings a brilliant team of political and legal masterminds together for an exciting new podcast, #SistersInLaw.

Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade and Kimberly Atkins Stohr pull back the curtain on how our government actually works, take on the corrupt, share their wisdom and give us their rulings on the latest in politics, law, and culture.

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Back From the Road

May 27, 2023   ·  

#SistersInLaw discuss the latest news relating to Donald’s handling of government documents, the SCOTUS ruling against the EPA, and the growing trend of making shoplifting a felony.

Live in DC

May 24, 2023   ·  1:34:19

#SistersInLaw are live in Washington, DC for a look at Trump’s endless legal troubles, the rise of anti-trans legislation, and how Gov. DeSantis has changed the legal landscape in Florida.

Live in New York City

May 20, 2023   ·  2:00:21

#SistersInLaw are live in New York City to lay out the recent accusations facing Rudy Guiliani, the latest on Mifepristone and the abortion war, and how they handle bullying and harassment.

Live in Portland

May 13, 2023   ·  1:47:28

#SistersInLaw take the show live to Portland, Oregon for a review of E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against Trump, Rep. Santos’ likely criminality, and what Title 42’s end means for immigrants.

Code of Ethics

May 6, 2023   ·  1:13:43

#SistersInLaw explore the implications of the seditious conspiracy convictions of J6 Proud Boys, then unravel the assault on federal agencies by the SCOTUS and their ongoing ethics issues.

Everything’s Fine

April 29, 2023   ·  1:07:31

#SistersInLaw dive into the Jack Teixeira case and what goes into a pre-trial detention decision, the failing trust in the ethics of SCOTUS, and the latest in E. Jean Carroll’s suit against Trump.

The Credulous

April 22, 2023   ·  1:07:54

#SistersInLaw discuss E. Jean Carroll’s civil cases against Donald, the laws that dictate when guns can be legally fired, and Rep. Jim Jordan’s attempt to interfere with DA Alvin Bragg.


April 15, 2023   ·  1:05:16

#SistersInLaw discuss developments in the Dominion v. Fox lawsuit, the expulsion and reinstatement of TN lawmakers, and the DOJ hold on charges in Shanquella Robinson’s death.

Too Much News

April 8, 2023   ·  1:20:15

#SistersInLaw explore the aftermath of Donald’s arraignment in NYC and the strength of its charges, before discussing compelled witness testimony and Justice Thomas’ free vacations.

Trump Indicted

April 1, 2023   ·  1:05:45

#SistersInLaw review Donald’s indictment by NY DA Alvin Bragg and what happens next.  Then, they look at the ethics governing SCOTUS, and the legal battle between DeSantis and Disney.

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