Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

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Master political strategist James Carville and revered journalist Al Hunt convene a war room each week to discuss the battle for the soul of the nation. Join them as they gather the sharpest minds from across the country to see who has the most compelling case for the American people on the issues that matter most.



Convicting Trump & Finding The Center with Fred Wertheimer & Billy Ray

April 18, 2024   ·  1:19:12

James and Al dive into Congress’ handling of the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and welcome legal expert Fred Wertheimer to discuss Trump’s first criminal trial.  Then they are joined by political strategist Billy Ray to explore how Democrats can win big by appealing to the center.

Supreme Allied Commander for The War On Women: Senator Tina Smith

April 11, 2024   ·  1:08:00

James and Al decry Islamophobia and welcome MN Senator Tina Smith to discuss foreign relations and the Dobbs decision’s role in our politics.  They strategize about how to support Ukraine, forge an Israel-Hamas cease fire, and defeat extremist abortion restrictions to win elections.

The Court & The Constitution with Justice Stephen Breyer

April 4, 2024   ·  1:22:40

James and Al explore how the Israel-Gaza war ends and welcome Justice Breyer to discuss the role of the Supreme Court and its judges. They debate politics’ place on the bench, explain how to read the constitution, and compare textualism and pragmatism using Justice Scalia as a foil.

March Madness with John Feinstein

March 28, 2024   ·  1:26:19

James and Al review the status of Trump’s many trials, NBC’s firing of Ronna McDaniel, and how RFK Jr. affects the election after his vice presidential pick.  They also welcome author and sports journalist John Feinstein to discuss March Madness and America’s favorite pastimes.

Pestilence and War with Admiral James Stavridis and Dr. Cornelia Griggs

March 21, 2024   ·  1:22:30

James and Al welcome Admiral James Stavridis to discuss the future of warfare and strategies for success in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts.  Then they’re joined by Dr. Cornelia Griggs for a reflection on our healthcare system and the COVID pandemic on its 4th anniversary.

Biden’s Last Campaign with Evan Osnos

March 7, 2024   ·  1:08:46

James and Al give their take on Super Tuesday and the impact of a Trump conviction, before welcoming journalist Evan Osnos.  They analyze Biden’s electoral prospects, his fitness to serve, the arguments driving his campaign strategy, the validity of the polls, and preview the SOTU.

Greedflation with Senator Bob Casey

February 29, 2024   ·  

James and Al expose the hypocrisy of Jim Jordan and Matt Schlapp and welcome PA Senator Bob Casey.  They discuss how to win in PA, the role of President Biden in down ballot elections, the border battle, the fentanyl crisis, Republican obstruction, national security, and corporate greed.

Putin, Trump & Lincoln with Sidney Blumenthal

February 22, 2024   ·  1:35:01

James and Al skewer radical Republicans and welcome author and former presidential advisor Sidney Blumenthal.  They shut down the corruption allegations targeting President Biden and examine the capture of MAGA by Putin and propaganda, before diving into the life and times of Lincoln.

A Supreme Court Case with Professor Pam Karlan

February 15, 2024   ·  1:21:28

James and Al blast the recent actions of Republicans, and welcome law professor Pam Karlan.  They discuss how the SCOTUS will rule on Trump’s immunity and ballot cases, whether Mar-A-Lago case Judge Cannon is impartial, and if his cases will be over by the election.

The New York Times with Adam Nagourney

February 8, 2024   ·  1:11:40

James and Al fire off on the continuing MAGA takeover of the Republican Party and welcome NYT journalist Adam Nagourney.  They discuss the role of The Times as a media institution, its mission, and the scandals and financial challenges it has overcome to deliver us the news.

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