Intimate Interviews with Nonfiction Authors

Jen Taub’s guests include writers of current bestsellers and beloved backlist books. Conversations cover love, money, politics, early dreams, writing habits, reading tastes, procrastination techniques, self-doubt, and news of the day.

Creator and host, Jen Taub is a law professor, advocate, and author. Her nonfiction books include BIG DIRTY MONEY (Viking 2020) and OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES (Yale Press 2014). She focuses on “follow the money” matters— promoting transparency and opposing corruption.

Jen’s favorite poem is Prufrock (and yes she knows that Eliot held abhorrent views. She contains multitudes and can separate the dancer from the dance.)

Taub was the Bruce W. Nichols Visiting Professor of Law in fall 2019 at Harvard Law School and is now a professor of law at the Western New England University School of Law. A former associate general counsel at Fidelity Investments, she is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard Law School.


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January 6th Committee Report

January 29, 2023   ·  1:11:44

Jen is joined by a superstar legal team to talk about the January 6th Committee report on the attack on the U.S. Capitol and whether teflon Don’s coating will ever erode.

Hamlet’s Heirs with Linda Charnes

January 22, 2023   ·  1:13:16

Linda Charnes, author of Hamlet’s Heirs, immerses in a conversation with Jen about attempting to evade a past that refuses to be silent, reading Shakespeare for the present, and learning to fly.

Lauren Hough

January 15, 2023   ·  1:05:35

This week Jen speaks with Lauren Hough, author of the bestselling memoir LEAVING ISN’T THE HARDEST THING about growing up in and life after escaping from the Children of God cult. They also talk about Lauren going viral with that “cable guy” twitter thread, and what she’s writing next. Hint, it involves her beloved dog, Woody.

Invasion by Luke Harding

January 8, 2023   ·  1:00:17

Luke Harding –– foreign correspondent for the Guardian and best-selling author –– joins Jen this week to discuss Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and the other brave people featured in Harding’s harrowing yet hopeful new book INVASION about Russia’s ongoing war and genocide in Ukraine.

The Unfolding by A. M. Homes

January 1, 2023   ·  1:02:56

On New Year’s Day, Jen is joined by the incomparable A.M. Homes, author of the new satirical novel, The Unfolding and the best-selling memoir The Mistress’s Daughter. Together Jen and A.M. explore why women don’t write the “great American novel” and are expected to stay in the realm of the small intimate domestic story.

Book Club: The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

December 25, 2022   ·  55:11

On Christmas Day, listen in on our first meeting of the Booked Up Book Club. During this episode, Lisa Birnbach, E. Jean Carroll, George Conway, and Ivan Lett share their thoughts with Jen Taub about THE LIGHT WE CARRY by Michelle Obama.

The Shrink Next Door with Joe Nocera

December 18, 2022   ·  56:14

Jen reconnects with old friend Joe Nocera to talk about his documentary podcast “The Shrink Nextdoor,” and related Apple TV mini-series, the impending downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried (“SBF”), and Joe’s next book.

Michael Cohen

December 11, 2022   ·  1:16:47

Jen talks with Michael Cohen about this week’s ground-shaking guilty verdict against his former client, Donald Trump’s businesses. They also dig into his new bestseller REVENGE including how a federal judge found that the bureau of prisons retaliated against Cohen when he refused to give up his rights to publish a book or even speak to the press about Trump. Cohen also shares his reaction to a heartfelt phone call from Congressman Elijah Cummings, placed before Cohen headed to Otisville Prison, and reveals the truth about Donald Trump’s embarrassing college grades.

Dahlia Lithwick

December 4, 2022   ·  1:08:05

Jen gets Dahlia Lithwick to share her secrets on how to restore the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, how to write a nonfiction bestseller, and who should play her in the biopic.


November 14, 2022   ·  6:01

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