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Brought to you by Jill Wine-Banks and Victor Shi, the Intergenerational Politics Podcast tackles the issues facing our nation, asks the questions you want to be answered, and most importantly, engages all generations in politics.

Jill Wine-Banks is the only woman to have served on the Watergate prosecution team, is an MSNBC Legal Analyst, and is the author of “The Watergate Girl: My Fight for Truth and Justice Against a Criminal President.” Victor Shi is a freshman at UCLA, the youngest delegate for Joe Biden in Illinois, former organizer on the Biden for President campaign, and an advocate for democratic reform.



Randi Ettner

July 12, 2023   ·  49:40

Randi Ettner, an American clinical and forensic psychologist known for her work with transgender people, joins iGen Politics this week.

Paul Butler

June 28, 2023   ·  48:43

Paul Butler joins Jill and Victor this week. Paul is a law professor at Georgetown, a former prosecutor and NBC News legal analyst. He is the author of Chokehold: Policing Black Men.

Andrew Warren

June 21, 2023   ·  49:00

Shadow Docket with Steve Vladeck

June 14, 2023   ·  1:01:06

Steve Vladek joins Jill and Victor to discuss his book, “Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic.”



Jennifer Rubin

June 6, 2023   ·  

Jennifer Rubin, of The Washington Post and the podcast “Jen Rubin’s Green Room”, joins Jill and Victor this week.

Gretchen Carlson

May 31, 2023   ·  53:39

Gretchen Carlson joins Jill and Victor this week.

Mark Jacob

May 17, 2023   ·  1:00:51

Mark Jacob joins Jill and Victor this week.

Tim Heaphy

May 10, 2023   ·  57:29

Tim Heaphy joins Jill and Victor this week.

George Conway

May 3, 2023   ·  49:09

George Conway joins Jill and Victor on iGen Politics.

Richard Painter

April 19, 2023   ·  

Richard Painter joins Jill and Victor this week.