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Jen Rubin, columnist for The Washington Post, contributor to MSNBC, author of Resistance: How Women Saved America from Donald Trump, is the host of the podcast “Jen Rubin’s Green Room.”

Jen engages with various guests, discussing the ins-and-outs of Washington gossip, fun stories that aren’t typically shared on air, and occasionally delve into profound topics such as religion.

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Breaking The Frame with Billy Ray

April 10, 2024   ·  1:07:01

Billy Ray is an American screenwriter and film director. He and Jen discuss movies he has worked on, including ‘Breach’ and ‘Shattered Glass,’ and delves into the complexities of understanding characters like Robert Hansen. He explores the themes of deception, confirmation bias, and the power of storytelling in politics.

A Mass Movement To Save Democracy with Michael Podhorzer

April 3, 2024   ·  

Jen calls for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war and welcomes labor leader Michael Podhorzer.  They discuss the rural-cosmopolitan political divide, how white Christian nationalism has fueled the rise of MAGA, the importance of labor movements, and how we can protect our democracy.

Duty To Warn with John Gartner

March 27, 2024   ·  

Jen welcomes psychotherapist John Gartner to discuss the medical profession’s duty to warn us about Trump’s decline into dementia in spite of the Goldwater Rule.  They review the symptoms of cognitive issues he presents, explore why it’s not making the news, and plan how to get the word out.

Bunkbeds In The Gulag with Max Boot

March 20, 2024   ·  

Jen welcomes military historian Max Boot for a deep dive into the Ukraine-Russia war and conservatism’s evolution since the days of Reagan.  They explore the situation on the ground in eastern Europe, the essential role the USA plays, and why Republicans are standing in the way.

Attack From Within with Barb McQuade

March 13, 2024   ·  59:50

Jen welcomes legal maven Barb Mcquade of #SistersInLaw to discuss how malicious actors are using technology to endanger our democracy by spreading disinformation.  With our national security increasingly at risk, they lay out the ways we can protect ourselves and the country.

Bringing The War Home with Professor Kathleen Belew

March 6, 2024   ·  1:05:42

Jen welcomes Professor Kathleen Belew to lay out the history of post-war white power movements in the USA leading up to the 1/6 insurrection.  They discuss the demographics of these groups, how they recruit followers, their methods of gaining power, and how to stop them.

The Fall of the Republic(ans) with Norm Ornstein

February 28, 2024   ·  

Jen welcomes political scientist Norm Ornstein to explore the rise of radicalism in the Republican party and how to defeat it.  They discuss the pivot point where it went off the rails, what our country can expect if Trump wins in 2024, and the actions that will fix Congress and stop a coup.

Hush Money with Karen Friedman Agnifilo

February 21, 2024   ·  

Jen gives an update on the presidential primaries and welcomes NY prosecutor Karen Friedman Agnifilo.  As Trump’s first criminal case moves to trial, they discuss why his hush money payments broke the law, what to expect during the trial, and whether he’ll be convicted.

Trump’s Trials with Dennis Aftergut

February 14, 2024   ·  1:09:55

Jen blasts Republicans for rejecting the border bill and welcomes legal expert Dennis Aftergut to break down the constitutional and legal means of stopping Trump.  They analyze his purported crimes, the avenues of prosecution against him, and what’s happening in his many cases.

Democracy VS Authoritarianism Around The World with Uriel Epshtein

February 7, 2024   ·  54:17

Jen picks apart Trump’s claim to presidential immunity and welcomes Renew Democracy Initiative CEO Uriel Epshtein.  They explore the role of the US as the standard bearer for democracy, and how the battle against authoritarianism is playing out here and around the world.

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