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Politicon brings a brilliant team of political and legal masterminds together for an exciting podcast, Webby Award winning #SistersInLaw.

Joyce Vance, Jill Wine-Banks, Barb McQuade and Kimberly Atkins Stohr pull back the curtain on how our government actually works, take on the corrupt, share their wisdom and give us their rulings on the latest in politics, law, and culture.

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Live from Chicago

May 4, 2024   ·  1:36:38

Jill Wine-Banks hosts #SistersInLaw live in Chicago to review the evidence, witness testimonies, and potential verdicts in Trump’s election interference trial.  Then the #Sisters discuss his gag order violations and the changing legal landscape around abortion before taking questions.


April 27, 2024   ·  1:19:59

Joyce Vance hosts #SistersInLaw to analyze the presidential immunity arguments made before the SCOTUS.  Then the #Sisters discuss developments in Trump’s election interference case, a new Arizona indictment targeting the attempt to overturn the election, and the legality of Idaho’s abortion laws.

Donald Trump Versus The Rule Of Law

April 20, 2024   ·  1:23:43

#SistersInLaw review the jury selection and next steps in Trump’s election interference case.  Then the #Sisters discuss the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the unanimous SCOTUS decision in Muldrow v. St. Louis. Kimberly Atkins Stohr hosts.

Trump is Out of Time and Out of Luck

April 13, 2024   ·  1:08:55

#SistersInLaw explain what to expect when Trump’s Manhattan trial begins.  Then the #Sisters preview upcoming SCOTUS cases dealing with presidential immunity and public corruption, and discuss the revival of Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban and the Comstock Act. Barb McQuade hosts.


April 6, 2024   ·  1:16:48

#SistersInLaw analyze Trump’s 1st Amendment claims in Georgia, and the strength of his defense and the risk of double jeopardy in Florida.  Then the #Sisters lay out the case for restricting his ability to incite violence and cause delays by filing frivolous motions.

Like Sands Through The Hourglass

March 30, 2024   ·  1:12:22

#SistersInLaw dig into the legal developments affecting Trump’s cases in New York and Georgia.  Then the #Sisters discuss the likely outcome of the Mifepristone case before the SCOTUS, and the J6 related disbarment proceedings of John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark. Joyce Vance hosts

March Madness

March 23, 2024   ·  1:19:26

#SistersInLaw review the latest news out of Trump’s New York and Florida cases.  Then the #Sisters discuss the legality and implications of Texas S.B. 4’s attempt to override federal immigration laws, and explain the DOJ’s antitrust complaint against Apple. Kimberly Atkins Stohr hosts

Trump’s Whirlwind

March 16, 2024   ·  1:04:16

#SistersInLaw weigh the recent developments in Trump’s Fulton County, Mar-A-Lago, and Manhattan cases.  Then the #Sisters discuss the U.S. Judicial Conference’s policy change to limit judge shopping, and the SCOTUS ruling on social media blocking. Kimberly Atkins Stohr hosts.

Attack From Within: How Disinformation Is Sabotaging America

March 9, 2024   ·  

Jill Wine-Banks hosts a special book club edition of #SistersInLaw on Attack From Within: How Disinformation Is Sabotaging America by Barb McQuade.  The #Sisters’ conversation explores the writing process, the threats our country faces, and how to protect ourselves and our democracy.   

Still on That Ledge

March 2, 2024   ·  1:13:00

Joyce Vance hosts #SistersInLaw to discuss Trump’s immunity claim now being taken up by the SCOTUS.  Then, the #Sisters explain a Circuit Court split on Big Tech’s ability to moderate content, and explore whether the Supremacy Clause applies to the SB4 immigration bill in Texas.