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July 16, 2022   ·  1:12:47

The #SistersInLaw look at the latest developments in the J6 hearings, how domestic extremist groups furthered insurrection, the role of witnesses, and ways to push back on the Dobbs ruling.

AF, AR15, J6, & BoJo

July 8, 2022   ·  1:10:44

The #SistersInLaw analyze how gun laws might’ve affected the Highland Park shooting, preview next week’s J6 hearings looking at Trump’s actions in GA, and discuss BoJo’s resignation.

Cassidy Hutchinson, The Supremes & Who’s Paying The Lawyers

July 2, 2022   ·  1:10:05

The #SistersInLaw discuss the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson in the J6 hearings, recent SCOTUS developments, and when lawyers are paid by outside forces to represent a client.

The End of Roe

June 25, 2022   ·  1:09:37

The #SistersInLaw analyze this week’s SCOTUS decisions on abortion and gun rights, how the court seems to be interpreting the 1st Amendment, and the impact of the latest J6 hearings.


June 18, 2022   ·  1:07:23

The #SistersInLaw review the latest J6 committee hearings, discuss Steve Bannon’s attempt to get his contempt of congress charges dismissed, and highlight the importance of Title IX.

Jan 6th Hearings Begin

June 11, 2022   ·  1:22:34

The #SistersInLaw analyze the 1/6 committee hearing, explain the differences between it and a trial, review the role of its testimony and witnesses, and preview what to expect going forward.

Navarro, Voting Rights & Gun Control

June 4, 2022   ·  1:25:06

The #SistersInLaw discuss how the GOP is trying to suppress the vote in upcoming elections, the indictment of Peter Navarro, Michael Sussman’s acquittal, and reducing gun violence.

Gun Safety

May 28, 2022   ·  1:25:06

The #SistersInLaw discuss the Uvalde tragedy and how legislation can make us all safer.  Then, they examine possible police reform, and legal risks facing Trump and other 1/6 insurrectionists.


May 21, 2022   ·  1:25:48

The #SistersInLaw examine the new developments coming from the DOJ on 1/6, how the law can handle the Buffalo shooter and those like him, and the abortion decision’s collateral effects.

Imagine the TV Ratings

May 14, 2022   ·  1:18:32

The #SistersInLaw answer your questions about SCOTUS and the leaked decision, then explain the perils of redistricting in Florida, and the recent subpoenas of GOP members related to 1/6.