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Book Club: YOUR BOOK!

April 30, 2023

In This Episode:

Booked Up with Jen Taub has a special episode for April’s book club. The topic is your book.”  You’re the author, it’s you. Today we are talking about how books get proposed, sold, written, edited, published and promoted.

It’s kind of like back in 2006 when TIME magazine announced their person of the year. On the cover of that issue of TIME was a drawing of a large desktop computer. In the center of the monitor was a reflective surface that functioned as a mirror.  If you picked up the magazine in the supermarket checkout line, you would see yourself. In case you missed it. The text above the computer read, “Person of the Year.” And on the mirror-like surface was the word, “You.”

Guests are literary agent Jill Marr and book club regular, publicist Ivan Lett.

Jill is a literary agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. She looks for non-fiction by authors with a big, timely, smart message. Jill represents many names you would recognize including Dr. Jennifer Gunter, author of the bestseller THE MENOPAUSE MANIFESTO.  Jill is always looking for fiction and non-fiction by unrepresented voices, BIPOC and Latinx writers, disabled persons, and people identifying as LGBTQ+.  She loves food-centric novels, no matter what the genre.

Ivan, who is a regular on our Booked Up book club episodes, is a New York-based marketing, publishing, and communications professional; poet; and freelance writer. He advises fiction and nonfiction authors and researchers on strategies for print and digital publication. Ivan is currently a Publicity Manager at Basic Books, a publishing house founded in 1950 that has released award-winning books in history, science, sociology, psychology, politics, and current affairs.


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