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Clairvoyant #NerdAvengers

December 28, 2022

In This Episode:

Mary Trump rings in 2023 with #NerdAvengers Brian Karem, Dahlia Lithwick, Cliff Schechter, and Jen Taub with a promising tarot card reading from Lena Rodriguez on her suit against Donald.  Then, they pick apart the big lie and take on its advocates before analyzing how to leverage the J6 Committee report, the perils posed by the SCOTUS, and moving the country forward during the post truth era.


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This Week’s Nerd Avengers

Jen Taub: Booked Up Podcast | Twitter | Western New England University School of Law | Website | Author of “Big Dirty Money”

Brian Karem: Twitter | Just Ask The Question Podcast | Author 

Dahlia Lithwick: Twitter | Slate | NewsWeek | Amicus Podcast | UVA Law | Author of “Lady Justice” & Other Books

Cliff Schechter: Twitter | Blue Amp Strategies | YouTube | UnPresidented Podcast | Author 


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