Cuomo’s Defense

August 7, 2021

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The #SistersInLaw convene this week to look at the issues that Governor Cuomo faces and what defense he might choose to use.  Then, they ask if the DOJ has been tough enough on the participants and possible masterminds of the events of 1/6, and discuss what airlines can do in response to unruly passengers who have the potential to cause major chaos in the air. Read the transcript


Additional Reading From The #Sisters

From Joyce, Barb and Lawrence Tribe: Washington Post – Here’s a roadmap for the Justice Department to follow in investigating Trump

From Barb: MSNBC – Trump and the Capitol Riot Hitman Analogy


From the Episode

Jeffrey Clark Letter

Clark letter in context of Donoghue notes 

Laws About Unruly Passengers


Pat Hovakimian Resignation Letter

Dear all 

Apologies for the impersonal nature of this e-mail. This evening, after Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen over the course of the last week repeatedly refused the President’s direct instructions to utilize the Department of Justice’s law enforcement powers for improper ends, the President removed Jeff from the Department. PADAG Rich Donoghue and I resign from the Department, effective immediately, Jeff loves the Department of Justice, as we all do. Preserving and defending the institutional integrity of the Department remains Jeff’s paramount concern. The decision of whether and when to resign and whether the ends of justice are best served by resigning is a highly individual question, informed by personal and family circumstances. Jeff asked me to pass on to each of you that whatever your own decision, he knows you will adhere always to the highest standards of justice and act always – and only – in the interests of the United States. It has been a high honor to serve with each of you. 



Patrick Hovakimian 

Associate Deputy Attorney General, United States Department of Justice (b) (6) 


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