Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

Debate Prep with Bob Shrum

June 20, 2024

In This Episode:

James and Al call out the Republican congressional caucus, review the political situation in Israel, mark Juneteenth, remember Willie Mays, and welcome veteran political strategist Bob Shrum.  They discuss the format of the upcoming presidential debate, Biden’s prospects, how he should handle the age issue, Trump’s weaknesses, the importance of debate prep, the power of a well-made point, and look back on famous debate moments from Nixon v. Kennedy, to Romney v. Obama.  Will a strong performance by Joe be enough to blow the race wide open?

Email your questions to James and Al at politicswarroom@gmail.com or tweet them to @politicon.  Make sure to include your city– we love to hear where you’re from!

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Twitter | USC | AAPC | Author of “No Excuses”

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