The Mary Trump Show

FFS Merrick Garland

January 18, 2023

In This Episode:

Mary Trump welcomes #NerdAvengers Norm Ornstein, Professor Karen Hunter, and Danielle Moodie to take Merrick Garland to task for his incompetence when it comes to weighing the actions of President Biden and the Donald.  Together, they lay out how Republicans’ burning of the rule book calls for action, how to fight against our internalized learned helplessness, and the ways the media’s important role in politics has been consumed by click-bait and ambition.


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This Week’s Nerd Avengers

Danielle Moodie: Twitter | Woke AF Daily | DCP Entertainment | Daily Beast | Democracy-ish | Medium | TikTok

Norm Ornstein: Twitter | AEI | The Atlantic | Author

Professor Karen Hunter: Twitter | KNarrative | YouTube | Website | Instagram | Author | SXM Urban View 


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