The Mary Trump Show

Fighting Fascism #NerdAvengers

September 28, 2022

In This Episode:

The Mary Trump Show Live In Los Angeles
10/21/22 @ Dynasty Typewriter
2511 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90057


With democracy in a worldwide retreat following the election of a fascist in Italy and Russia’s continuing aggression, Mary Trump welcomes #NerdAvengers Norm Ornstein and Cliff Schechter to fight back.  In their conversation they lay out the impact of global events on our lives, the continuing assault on our liberties by Republicans, and why we need to stand up here and abroad so we aren’t fascism’s next victim.

‘Ask Mary Anything’


This Week’s Nerd Avengers:
Norm Ornstein: Twitter | AEI | The Atlantic | Author
Cliff Schechter: Twitter | Blue Amp Strategies | YouTube | UnPresidented Podcast | Author 
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