Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

Generational Victory with John Della Volpe

November 16, 2023

In This Episode:

James and Al condemn Republicans in each branch of government and welcome polling expert and author of Fight: How Gen Z Is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America,  John Della Volpe.  They analyze the growing cynicism of key parts of the Democratic coalition and discuss how vigorous campaigning, exciting young surrogates, and strong messaging around Biden’s accomplishments can bring them to the polls.  While doing so, they highlight the critical role of Millenial and Gen Z voters while exploring their political leanings with the goal of making sure they show up big for Democrats.  Will a focus on individual rights and restoring choice be the key to a winning campaign?

Email your questions to James and Al at politicswarroom@gmail.com or tweet them to @politicon.  Make sure to include your city, we love to hear where you’re from!

Get More From This Week’s Guest, John Della Volpe:

Twitter | Harvard Institute of Politics | Website | Social Sphere | Substack | Author of “Fight”

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