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How We Win The Civil War with Steve Phillips

February 19, 2023

In This Episode:

This week best-selling author Steve Phillips opens up about the very recent loss of his remarkable wife Susan Sandler and their shared goals on how to move America toward a multi-racial democracy.

In the dedication to her of his new book, How We Win the Civil War, Steve writes, “The reality of cancer forces one to a more spirtual place of contemplating life, meaning, and legacy. That reflection has fueled my work on this book to try to make it a lasting legacy for both of us.”

Steve notes that the post 2020 election coup “was not the first time a large percentage of American people chose whiteness over democracy in the wake of an election whose outcome they did not like.” He uses humor when he writes about the urgency of facing America’s anti-democratic drift. “Imagine if Revere had instead ambled down the street saying, ‘We’re going to invite the British to dinner and see if we can reach a bipartisan agreement. Sinema and Manchin are bringing the clam chowder.’”

Steve Phillips is a New York Times bestselling author of How Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority and political expert. He is the host of “Democracy in Color with Steve Phillips,” a color-conscious political podcast, and founder of Democracy in Color, a multimedia platform on race and politics.


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