The Mary Trump Show

I’d Rather Be Woke Than a Fascist with Wajahat Ali, Dr. Allison Gill & Bob Cesca

April 27, 2022

In This Episode:

Mary Trump goes on offense against the insurrectionists still running for office, then welcomes Wajahat Ali, Dr. Allison Gill, and Bob Cesca for a powerful midterm strategy session covering the fight against enduring racism, taking mainstream media to task for ignoring fascism, and giving back to the Democratic base.  They also break down how susceptible our institutions are to bad actors, and call on us to be the change instead of waiting for help from those in charge. 


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Get More From Wajahat Ali:
Twitter | Daily Beast | Website | Author of “Go Back To Where You Came From”   


Dr. Allison Gill:
Twitter | The Daily Beans Podcast | Mueller, She Wrote Podcast 


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