Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

Israeli Intrigue & Congressional Chaos

October 19, 2023

In This Episode:

James and Al are joined by Israeli foreign policy expert Alon Pinkas to explain the latest developments in the accelerating war in Gaza, its regional effects, and the roles of President Biden and PM Netanyahu.  They explore the ramifications of the hospital explosion, the threat of Iran and Hezbollah, how the USA is viewed in the region, and if the Israeli government has the confidence of its people.  Then, they speak with NYT’s chief Washington correspondent Carl Hulse to discuss the implications of Jim Jordan’s lack of qualifications to become the Speaker and his failure to attain the position despite the novel pressure being applied by conservative media.  Will Steve Scalise be the next one to try for the position?  And what are the downstream effects going into the 2024 elections?

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Alon Pinkas: Twitter | Haaretz 

Carl Hulse: Twitter | NYT | Author of “Confirmation Bias”

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