How the Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

Jill Wine-Banks

May 7, 2021

In This Episode:

Clay sits down with legal mastermind, adventurer, and cultural icon Jill Wine-Banks to discuss the parallels between Trump and Nixon, and whether the rule of law is being upheld in our country.  Are we seeing improvement under the Biden administration or is it just a dose of partisanship from the other side?  Both of them are cautiously optimistic, but as Clay finds out in the conversation, there are a lot of steps for us to take legally, politically, and socially if we are going to create the country we deserve.  What do you think?



Jill Wine-Banks 

Jill Wine-Banks is currently an MSNBC Legal Analyst, appearing regularly on primetime and daytime shows. She also appears on PBS, Canadian and Australian networks, Sirius XM, NPR and other radio shows, including Stephanie Miller’s, and podcasts. A sought-after speaker, Jill appears before professional, political, women’s and business groups, universities and law schools. 

In addition, Jill has written OpEds for the NBC.com, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Politico, and Huffington Post. She has also been featured in several documentaries and films, including Academy Award winner Charles Ferguson’s Watergate, or How We Learned to Stop an Out of Control President, Robert Redford’s All The President’s Men Revisited, ABC 20/20, and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9. She has over 425,000 Twitter followers and others on Facebook and Instagram, and her memoir, The Watergate Girl, has been well reviewed.

Get more from Jill: Twitter |Website | #SistersInLaw Podcast | iGen Politics Podcast |The Chicago Network | Author of “The Watergate Girl” 


Host: Clay Aiken has sold 6 million albums, authored a New York Times bestseller, and ran for Congress in North Carolina in 2014 almost unseating a popular Republican incumbent.


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