How the Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

Lauren Chen

December 22, 2020

In This Episode:

Clay is joined by Lauren Chen of BlazeTV to discuss the latest in the wars over tech censorship and free speech.  How should media organizations and big tech companies cover allegations or evidence of election fraud?  Is there a gatekeeper for the gatekeepers, or do we have to rely on questionable Section 230 protections?  No matter where you fall on the specifics, speech is part of the answer to how we get along.  Can Clay and Lauren bring the country together in time for 2021?



Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator, and host of the CRTV show Roaming Millennial: Uncensored. She began as a YouTuber, and has since gained over 20 million views on the platform and hundreds of thousands of followers. She has also appeared on Fox News, The Daily Wire, Rebel Media, PragerU, and The Rubin Report.

Lauren was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for college. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Clay Aiken has sold 6 million albums, authored a New York Times bestseller, and ran for Congress in North Carolina in 2014 almost unseating a popular Republican incumbent.

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