The Mary Trump Show

Malcolm Nance & The 7/21 J6 Hearing with The Nerd Avengers

July 22, 2022

In This Episode:

Mary Trump is joined by U.S. Veteran and national security expert Malcolm Nance to discuss the war in Ukraine, the rise of the right wing, and how they both threaten democracy around the world.  Then, she brings on Norm Ornstein, George Hahn, Wajahat Ali, Dean Obeidallah, Jen Taub, Brian Karem, Naveed Jamali, Charlotte Clymer, Kathy Griffin, Adam Parkhomenko, and John Fugelsang to analyze the 7/21 J6 hearings live!


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Malcolm Nance: Twitter | Facebook | thetacticsofterror.org | Author of “They Want To Kill Americans” and Many Other Books…


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