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Merrick Garland… We’re waiting #NerdAvengers

October 26, 2022

In This Episode:

With 2 weeks until the midterm elections, Mary Trump brings on #NerdAvengers Jen Taub, Brian Karem, Danielle Moodie, and Cliff Schechter to strategize ways the Democrats can improve their messaging and close the deal.  They emphasize how its all about the voters, and discuss ways to connect issues of racism, growing fascism, abortion rights, and the economy to our everyday lives.  Then, they remind us that it’s time to vote like our futures depend on it! 


‘Ask Mary Anything’



This Week’s Nerd Avengers:

Jen Taub: Twitter | Western New England University School of Law | Website | Author of “Big Dirty Money”

Brian Karem: Twitter | Just Ask The Question Podcast | Author 

Danielle Moodie: Twitter | Woke AF Daily | DCP Entertainment | Daily Beast | Democracy-ish | Medium | TikTok

Cliff Schechter: Twitter | Blue Amp Strategies | YouTube | UnPresidented Podcast | Author 


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