Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

Pestilence and War with Admiral James Stavridis and Dr. Cornelia Griggs

March 21, 2024

In This Episode:

James and Al tear into the Orban government and analyze Trump’s influence on the Ohio Senate race before welcoming Admiral James Stavridis to discuss the global military landscape.  They explore strategies for success in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts, game out an effective response to threats against Taiwan, and look at how war fighting will evolve in the future.  Then, they are joined by Dr. Cornelia Griggs for a reflection on the state of our healthcare system, current pandemic preparedness, and the COVID response on its 4th anniversary.


Email your questions to James and Al at politicswarroom@gmail.com or tweet them to @politicon.  Make sure to include your city, we love to hear where you’re from!

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Admiral James Stavridis:

Twitter | Website | Carlyle Group | Author of “2054” & Other Books

Dr. Cornelia Griggs:

Twitter | Threads | Website | MA General Hospital | Author of “The Sky Is Falling”

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