Politics War Room with James Carville and Al Hunt

Thank You George Clooney

July 11, 2024

In This Episode:

Al and James discuss Kamala’s presidential prospects, James’ ideas to move the party forward, and Trump’s plans for retribution before welcoming FT’s US national editor Ed Luce.  They look at how the center and far left united in French elections to defeat Le Pen, and weigh whether Macron will be able to govern effectively.  Then, they break down the massive victory by Labor in the UK, examine how it might raise the possibility of reunification with the EU,  and whether these elections signify a global movement pushing back against the far right.  They also game out how our elections affect Europe’s future and what we can expect from China depending on who wins the presidency.

Email your questions to James and Al at politicswarroom@gmail.com or tweet them to @politicon.  Make sure to include your city– we love to hear where you’re from!

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