Jen Rubin’s Green Room

The Case Against Trump with Rep. Jamie Raskin

September 20, 2023

In This Episode:

Jen is joined by Rep. Jamie Raskin to lay out the case against Trump and examine the legal issues that should keep him out of the presidency.  They cover the potential of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to keep him out of office for his role in the January 6th insurrection, why his incitement against the election is not protected by the Constitution, and how he attacked our voting rights and pressured officials to break their oaths.  They also discuss the bottom up legal strategy being used to prosecute him and those he inspired, and emphasize the role our institutions have in defending our democracy.


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Twitter | Website | House.gov | Author of “Unthinkable”


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Twitter | WaPo | Author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump”

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