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The Last January 6th Hearing?

October 13, 2022

In This Episode:

In a livestream of the J6 Committee’s finale, Mary Trump summons #NerdAvengers Kathy Griffin, George Hahn, Wajahat Ali, Cliff Schecter, Dahlia Lithwick, Brian Karem, Ally Sammarco, Jen Taub, Adam Parkhomenko, and Norm Ornstein to give their thoughts.  Together, they lay out its influence on the midterms, how what we’ve learned can be used by the DOJ, the new information coming out, and what was ultimately accomplished.     


The Mary Trump Show Live In Los Angeles 10/21/22 @ Dynasty Typewriter
2511 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90057


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This Week’s Nerd Avengers:
Jen Taub: Twitter | Western New England University School of Law | Website | Author of “Big Dirty Money”
Brian Karem: Twitter | Just Ask The Question Podcast | Author 
Dahlia Lithwick: Twitter | Slate | NewsWeek | Amicus Podcast | UVA Law | Author of “Lady Justice” & Other Books
Adam Parkhomenko: Twitter | Medium 
Kathy Griffin: Twitter | Website | YouTube | IMDB | Instagram
George Hahn: Twitter | Website | Instagram | IMDB
Cliff Schechter: Twitter | Blue Amp Strategies | YouTube | UnPresidented Podcast | Author 
Wajahat Ali: Twitter | Daily Beast | Website | | Democracy-ish | Author of “Go Back To Where You Came From”
Norm Ornstein: Twitter | AEI | The Atlantic | Author
Ally Sammarcom: Twitter | Instagram | Daughters Defend Democracy
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