How the Heck Are We Gonna Get Along

Turtle on a Fence Post

May 7, 2020

In This Episode:

Phil Rosenthal, Robert Davi, Brooke Thomas, and Mike Murphy tackle the reopening of America, Trump’s empathy, Biden’s possible VP pick, and viral videos.


Phil Rosenthal is the Emmy award-winning creator of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and host of food & travel show “Somebody Feed Phil” on Netflix.

Robert Davi is an actor, entertainer, and singer (Listen to ‘Virus, Stay Away from the Door‘)

Brooke Thomas is a TV broadcaster in Los Angeles and host of Controlling Our Narrative

Mike Murphy is a GOP Strategist, co-host of the ‘Hacks on Tap’ podcast with David Axelrod, co-director of USC’s Center for the Political Future, Hollywood writer, and NBC Contributor

Moderator: Clay Aiken has sold 6 million albums, authored a New York Times bestseller, and ran for Congress in North Carolina in 2014.

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