Conservatively Unplugged returns to Politicon 2018 for their 4th year, following up last years “Right Wing Comedy In These Trumptastic Times” panel and “CU! News Goes to Politicon” TV pilot, this year with their new “Conservatively Unplugged presents 13 Reasons why “NOT” to be a Liberal” Podcast from Judd Dunning and Eric Golub’s forthcoming new book.

In a new Trump #walkaway world the CU News! conservative crew and celebrity comedic guests take off the PC filters and navigate “the apparently (to half the country) not so obvious” reasons to hop on the “Trump Train” blow by blow and #walkway. Followed by audience questions and participation. Topics/reasons to be covered: “Because ( love or hate him) TRUMP is kicking ass”, “Because you’re not a RACIST”, Because you too love the PLANET. Because you don’t need a SAFE SPACE. Because every country secures its BORDERS, duh, Because your response to RUSSIA Collusion is “Russia? Yawn, Eh, enough already moving on”. Because it’s OKAY to be GREAT – (Why American exceptionalism is NOT a hate crime)”, Because you too LOVE the PLANET, and more!