Alison Brettschneider

Alison Brettschneider has become a true WARRIOR of the digital age, sparking her followers to stand up for what matters. As @25park, Alison has leveraged her platform to become a fiery and inspirational social justice figure, outspoken thought leader to thousands around the world, and a role model for women everywhere.

She was instrumental in helping falsely convicted criminal, Marcellus Williams, receive a stay of execution and be removed from death row just hours before it was too late. She gave everything of herself imploring her followers to sign a petition and even going so far as to fly to Missouri to meet directly with the governor. She has become actively involved in raising money for a schoolteacher who was fighting cancer and facing astronomical bills, helping two young women move into their freshman year dorms after their parents were deported, meeting the planes full of detained children in the dead of night at LaGuardia airport, speaking at events to encourage and empower women, and so much more. Her philosophy is simple—if you have an audience, you should be loud and proud about what matters to you and NEVER BACK DOWN.

She isn’t shy about being anti-Trump, calling out body-shamers and bullies, using her platform to empower others to be unabashedly vocal, and to just MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Her followers have been inspired to ‘walk in her shoes’ – to make changes of their own and to stand up in the face of adversity.

Alison is committed to keeping it real about being a wife and mother and the struggles of balancing it all—with her trademark off the cuff humor, mouth of a sailor and heart of an angel. Between working on her podcast, writing her first book, getting back to her fashion roots with an upcoming clothing line, and raising two strong feminist daughters, she keeps up a dynamic bicoastal life—one where philanthropy, social justice, and empowering other women to raise their voices is the bottom line.