Ashlee Wilson Hawn

Ashlee has worked in the industry her whole life and has proven that she is dedicated to using her voice and knowledge to make a difference in today’s world! She started as a child model, is a former Miss Georgia Teen, she’s a philanthropic pageant and lifestyle coach, and has coached many young underprivileged girls to the crown as well. Ashlee is a former reality television star, beauty expert, and a life coach, but most of all her passion is empowering women. She is currently hosting her beauty segments weekly all over the nation on local NBC, ABC, FOX & CBS stations.

Ashlee’s all natural organic beauty secret, Boss Babe Body (www.BossBabeBody.com) is currently sold in 11 countries in less than 2 years along with a huge celebrity following. Her all organic body treatments for psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, acne, stretchmarks, cellulite and varicose veins are giving women medicinal results the organic way! British Vogue & US weekly has given Ashlee & her Boss Babe Body scrubs their accolades and stamp of approval as well.

Her most recent venture, Redcycle (RedCycle.com), has only been launched for one month and Ashlee is well on her way leading the crusade to stomp out the tampon tax by offering the first tax free tampon in 49 states! FDA approved & delivered straight to your door every month for less than the drug store prices. Ashlee didn’t want to just be involved with just another movement; she wanted to create a paradigm shift to empower women to be a part of some thing bigger than them by binding together as a group of strong women to once & for all shatter the glass ceiling! The dirty word menstration has been ruled by men & government too long! Ashlee is taking back the Vagina & women across the nation are joining her Redcycle club!Ashlee believes that businesses with a purpose is how the world will change, and RedCycle is a business with a purpose! Empowering women & giving back is the Redcycle philosophy! For every new member to join the Redcycle club, Redcycle gives away a bag of 36 tampons to a homeless woman in need!