Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins is from Winona Lake, IN but currently calls Denver, CO home.

People may know Ben best from his time on season 20 of ABC’s “The Bachelor”. The Bachelor has allowed Ben an enhanced platform to share what he is most passionate about which is his faith, his hope for humanity, and his love for sports.

Today Ben along with some of his closest friends started a couple new projects that take up his free time.

The projects include:

A Blog called “Mahogany Workplace”: Mahogany Workplace allows people to talk about life exactly how it is: a series of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, pain and triumph. That means this blog will be kind of like riding a roller coaster naked (while sometimes talking about men’s grooming products)

A for-profit company called “Generous International”:  Generous is a company dedicated to giving profits to social issues around the world starting with coffee. Generous is a company designed to change the way the world views consuming products. With Generous every product purchased will go towards supporting causes that make the world a better place.

A podcast project with Iheart Media. His current podcast is titled “Almost Famous” with cohost friend and former bachelor contestant Ashley I. The podcast covers everything from relationships and breaking down the current Bachelor seasons.

A board seat with Humanity and Hope United. Ben works closely with Humanity and Hope United an organization started by one of his best friends and Mahogany Workplace contributor. Humanity & Hope United is a non-profit working to assist underserved villages in remote parts of Honduras. They partner with the people of each village to achieve sustainable change, focusing on the needs of individuals rather than a single issue or approach.