Blunt Honest

Blunt Honest is on a mission to change the world.  He has created an award-winning book called “Trump Is a Duck: A Rabbit Hole of Narcissism and Empathy”. This book takes a satirical look at Donald Trump and a serious look at how empathy and narcissism affect our world. This colorful book has 90 illustrations and shares links to YouTube playlists. Those video montages make the pages of the book come alive.
Blunt Honest prefers to call Donald Trump “DuckPrez” and offers a variety of products about the DuckPrez including a coloring book, posters, postcards, stickers. playing cards, hats, keychains, buttons, magnets and more.  Be sure to come by and look at the official flag poster of the DuckPrez where the stars of the flag are replaced by 30 iconic images of the DuckPrez.
Blunt Honest created a coloring book called “Duck Trump: A Coloring Book on Steroids About the Duck President”.  This coloring book has 60 pictures to color, fun activities, trivia, jokes, and video montages.
Let’s Make Orwell Fiction Again. Then America will be great again.
For more information, visit: www.BluntHonest.com   or visit: www.DuckPrez.co