Carl Kozlowski

Carl Kozlowski is the host of “The Koz Effect.” He is fiercely independent with libertarian leanings and is a huge fan of both Rand and Ron Paul, as well as Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher. In other words, it makes him the perfect host for the show’s iconoclastic and comic political battle royales. He is the founder of the Radio Titans podcast network (www.radiotitans.com) and was also the winner of the America’s Funniest Reporter contest from the world-famous Laugh Factory. As a standup, he has performed with Dane Cook, Mitch Hedberg, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black and countless others and he is also the arts editor at Pasadena Weekly in addition to writing about film and pop culture for the Catholic News Agency, Movieguide, Lifezette, and many more.