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Still not speaking to family or friends since the 2016 election? Forget about the frustration and mend relationships with a good old-fashioned board game. Deplorables The Game™ will bring people back to the table for spirited competition, and reignite the melting pot of ideas that makes our nation so exceptional. Already sought after for its outstanding artwork, this game captures the political saga of our lifetime. So please . . .  don’t hate each other, just enjoy the game!

Begin playing in five easy steps:
1.     Choose a Democrat or Republican token, and receive $1,200 in campaign funds.
2.     Decide if you want to purchase Obama Care or not.
3.     Buy, sell and swap political cards to get electoral votes.
4.     Take a Democrat or a Republican card when prompted.
5.     Spin the voter spinner to gain advantages over your opponents.

The first candidate to get 270 electoral votes wins!

So, roll the dice and move your token. But beware, Deplorables The Game is fraught with dangers
like: Drain The Swamp and FBI Investigations. This game is essential for schools, college campuses, house parties — and yes, family gatherings. Every political junkie should have this game! Deplorables The Game will be relevant 20 years from now. Its content is unique. Its issues will always be relatable. And it is a blast to play!