DJ Daisy Dell

Daisy O’Dell is an award-winning music producer, curator, and DJ, who acquired her legendary reputation performing with artists as varied as Lou Reed, Prince, Lady Gaga, LCD Soundsystem, and Florence and The Machine. Cited by The New York Times as “one of the coolest people in Manhattan”, over her illustrious career Daisy has endeared herself to influential music, fashion, film, art, and nightlife personalities and has been found spinning everywhere from MOCA, to the Golden Globes, touring with Gwen Stefani, or in the wee hours of London, Paris & New York Fashion Weeks, or Sundance, TIFF, & Cannes. Daisy has a celebrated series of ‘Version’ edits featuring David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac (currently on rotation at KCRW) and an album of original music expected in late 2016.