Dr. Ben Michaelis


Dr. Ben Michaelis is a clinical psychologist in private practice and a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University with an expertise in evolutionary psychology and the hidden motivations of human beings.  He has authored numerous popular and scholarly articles. His writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, O The Oprah Magazine, and other well-known magazines and websites. Dr. Michaelis has been cited as a mental health expert in many well-known publications including Vanity Fair, Forbes, Redbook, Glamour, FastCompany, The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and dozens of others. Dr. Michaelis is a frequent guest on nationally syndicated TV shows such as, NBC’s The Today Show, Fox News, and MSNBC’s Your Business. He is the author of Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy.