Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi

Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi, raised in Los Angeles and having graduated from the University of California San Diego as a historian, went on to study the classical sciences of Islamic Spirituality for nine years of intensive training during which he was engaged in extensive introspection and learning with several teachers of the authentic tradition.
He has since worked with the United States Military as a cultural and religious consultant, and has trained US Marines in religious and cultural sensitivity towards the purpose of minimizing conflict and unnecessary loss of life.
Currently, Ihsan is an advocate for evolutionary Islamic Spirituality, an instructor in Islamic Meditation and Mindfulness, and he is also the creator of Soul of Islam Radio, a leading edge global podcast with reach in over 120 countries throughout the world.
Through Soul of Islam Radio, Ihsan broadcasts the message of peace and the spiritual transcendence of violence, both internally and externally, as the core component of an Islamic Renaissance that will enable the Muslim Community to again positively contribute to world culture and human civilization.
He is the father of 4 beautiful young children and currently resides in Southern California.