Esther Ku

Esther Ku is a stand-up comedian born and improperly raised in Chicago. By the age of thirteen, she became the first chair oboe player in the state of Illinois. She always wrote funny columns for her school paper until she got censored by the administration. Early in her career, she moved to Boston to get her comedy start at local comedy clubs and stages. She then moved to New York City to pursue stand-up full time. She has sold out the Apollo Theater, is a member of the Friars Club, and can be heard on several radio programs on Sirius XM Radio. Ku spends her days rewriting lyrics to her favorite oldies songs and is excited to share her first comedy music album Oldies Parodies on iTunes. She is the host of her own podcast Ku and the Gang. On her spare time, she manages to dedicate her energy to a serious and troublesome cause – to end tickling forever. “Tickling is forcing someone to laugh when you’re not being funny. Tickling is the opposite of comedy. If you’ve ever tickled anyone, you’re a fraud!” she warns.