Frank Atwood

Frank Atwood is an advocate for Approval Voting – vote for one or more candidates; the candidate with the most votes wins.  With Approval Voting, the voting instruction would change from “Vote for only one” to “Vote for one or more.” This minor change would negate the wasted vote argument and will give viability and visibility to minor parties.  The major parties will suffer fewer spoilers and less sabotage.  There may even be more election civility as candidates try not to antagonize potential crossover voters.  The voter still only has one ballot; however, on that one ballot he may vote for as many candidates as he wishes.  The voter is no longer trapped only voting for the electable hold-your-nose lesser of two evils candidate; the voter can be more expressive and vote for other candidates that the voter approves of.  Approval Voting is the least cost and most attainable superior alternative voting method.  Frank has been active in Littleton, Colorado, politics, and was involved in successfully repealing the city grocery tax.  As a libertarian, he is both fiscally responsible and socially tolerant.