Generous Movement Coffee

Generous International is an enterprise that exists to make the world better through every product sold, providing the consumer a unique opportunity to be a world changer through their purchase.  Our mission is to create a movement of generosity by selling excellent and relevant products to consumers and to funnel those profits towards efforts focused on alleviating poverty, creating sustainable authentic communities, and bringing hope to the world. Our Values as an organization are based off of a respect love and admiration for people and their stories. Our Values: Generous, Accountable, Faithful, Intentional, Community, Innovative. 

Generous exist to combat injustices that dehumanize people on a daily basis. Our desire is that the people we serve grow into the fullest version of themselves and use their unique gifts to serve others. Generous (provides, sells, offers) products that put the power of Generosity in the hands of the consumer. 

With Generous the consumer is the ultimate hero. The purchase is the gas that gets the motor going. Create a movement that compels consumers to live a life of generosity and to challenge people to invest into a life of service. Every coffee drinker can become a part of this mission. The consumer is the hero, the more that is purchased the more impact that can then be made. We provide the highest quality specialty coffee and use the profits to invest in hop-filled, life-changing stories. Each generous product is created specifically to make something good happen in the world. Whether jobs for women or education for young ones, we start with giving back.