Good Morning Liberty

Charlie and Nate both moved to Nashville, TN from Southern Illinois to pursue their separate music endeavors. After touring through 49 states and 14 countries combined, they started their own successful careers in the Stock Market, Construction, and Software Development Industry.

The two finally joined forces to put their Libertarian belief systems to work for a higher cause.

The message of Good Morning Liberty is simple. Free Market Capitalism is the greatest thing to happen to human beings in recorded history, and it’s up to liberty-minded people like us to get the word out. It’s not about Republican vs Democrat, it’s about individual rights. By the way, an individual cannot have a right to something that requires the work of another individual.

The Good Morning Liberty Podcast is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best Libertarian podcasts in the nation. Logic-based arguments mixed with unfiltered sarcasm make this a show a must listen for anyone fed up with America’s current political system.