Greg Autry

Greg Autry is the founding director of the Southern California Commercial Spaceflight Initiative at the University of Southern California. Professor Autry has been conducting management and economic research in the context of the commercial space industry since 2003. Dr. Autry’s work is highly regarded in the aerospace industry and he has been a non-partisan advocate for American space activities. He was appointed by President Trump to the NASA Agency Review Team in 2016. He also served as the interim White House Liaison at NASA in 2017. In 2018, Dr. Autry was appointed by the Secretary of Transportation to the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) and was also elected to the board of the National Space Society. He is frequently called upon to address major international space conferences and routinely engages with executives at both entrepreneurial and traditional aerospace firms. He serves on the editorial board of the New Space Journal, the only peer reviewed journal dedicated to the emerging commercial space economy.

Dr. Autry has testified to the U.S. Congress and presented at the Canadian Parliament. He has spoken at the Heritage Foundation, California Democratic Convention, the National Association of Business Economists, and the National Press Club. The Economist recently described Dr. Autry as “an acclaimed thinker” and his thoughts on space and economics have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal and SpaceNews. He has been frequently quoted in the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, CNN and BBC. His book Death by China (w. P. Navarro) has been translated into five languages and was an Amazon bestseller in International Economics in 2018, seven years after its initial publication. He is also a regular Forbes Contributor writing on innovation and space.