Helen Hamblin

Helen Hamblin is a multi media artist and former New York City public school teacher living in Harlem, New York.  In 2015 Helen took a leap of faith and quit teaching to start an interior design business.  Since making that life change, she’s discovered a well of creativity inside herself she never knew was there. Inspired by the political climate during the 2015 presidential campaign as well as national and international events Helen created the project titled Forced Transparency.  Forced Transparency is collage art using The New York Times newspaper as its source.  Each piece represents one week of news in 2018.  There are 52 pieces in total.

Helen believes that knowledge is power and her art empowers the masses to be the change they’d like to see.  Her artwork educates and inspires its viewers to reflect on the news of the past as well as thinking about how to make a difference in the future.  Each piece gives an action step for the viewer to take that goes with its political theme.  We are in the midst of an election season that will definitely define what The United States stands for as a country.  Helen Hamblin’s project Forced Transparency is art that will inspire, educate and create the advocates needed in our world today.

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