Henry Muñoz

Henry R. Muñoz III is leading a rising discourse on the imprint of Latino identity on American society throughout history that is poised to move front and center in the 21st Century, as Latino Americans converge at the center of politics and the economy. At a critical juncture in the lead up to President Obama’s reelection in 2012, Muñoz, a businessman, designer, activist, producer, opinion leader and philanthropist, teamed up with actress Eva Longoria to found the Futuro Fund, to ensure that Latino voices in critical states and nationwide were being heard and their votes both fought for and counted. Born and raised in Texas – a state whose Latino population is positioned to be a national force over the next decade, Henry R. Muñoz III is he son of Henry “The Fox” Munoz, Jr., a prominent 20th-century Latino farm labor and immigrant’s rights advocate with deep roots in Mexican-American and Latino communities across the state. In addition to founding the Latino Voter Project and the Futuro Fund, Muñoz, along with former Washington Post Publisher Donald Graham, is a founder of TheDream.US, a national scholarship foundation to benefit the children of The Dream Act that is dedicated to placing direct action behind the belief that the American dream should be truly available to all. He is also a member of the Board of The National Parks Foundation, where he has pushed to establish The American Latino Heritage Fund, which supports the creation of National Monuments and Heritage Sites that record the contributions of Latinos to the history of the country.