Jamaiah Adams

Jamiah Adams is an experienced nonprofit and entertainment executive with advocacy and documentary producing credits in every form of media. Everything she leads is grounded with equity and a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion. She began her career in TV and transitioned from there to digital media and political organizing. Her work includes advocacy for the LGBTQ, Muslim, immigrant and African American communities with an overall goal of improving the lives of working Americans and those who need their cause amplified. Jamiah is most proud of her work at the NAACP – increasing their digital and social reach by 500% and leading the communications effort for two historic social justice marches. Jamiah also served on the inaugural communications committee for the national Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and worked with Justice League New York and The Gathering For Justice on communications efforts against police misconduct. Currently she works as the digital advocacy director at NextGen America, where she runs the email, mobile and distributed team efforts of a highly capable organizers focused on mobilizing the youth vote.