Jimbo’s Blazers

Jimbo grew up in Crestwood Kentucky and small town just beyond the suburbs of Louisville.  There he learned the importance of community and caring for others as well as the simple things that make America the greatest country on earth.
Simmons, an electrical engineer, has a natural eye for design and fashion particularly around apparel that makes a statement.  This passion inspired him to create a Blazer for an event he was attending to support cancer awareness called “Pink Prom”.  The blazer he crafted included the pink “cancer awareness” ribbon logo contrasted on a black background. When the blazer was a big hit at the event Jimbo knew that he was on to something.  Therefore, he began experimenting with other designs for blazers with branding and patterns that stand out in a crowd.
The response to his designs was amazing and he recently launched his own business Jimbo’s Custom Blazers, LLC.  His new official brand will focus on designer blazers for all occasions with one thing in common, they cannot be ignored.  Whether it’s a logo design or and themed patterned if it’s a Jimbo Blazer it will be unique and it will make a statement.