Keegan Goudiss

Keegan Goudiss is Bernie Sanders’ Director of Digital Advertising and a partner at Revolution Messaging. Goudiss led a dynamic digital advertising campaign to help quickly build Sanders’ supporter list at the start of the campaign, making it possible to compete with and eventually out fundraise one of the most well known people in the world. Goudiss is leading a campaign of many digital advertising firsts for political campaigns including first of its kind ads and sponsored content placed with Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, NYTimes.com, Snapchat and more. His innovative approach paid off with digital advertising accounting for a significant portion of Sanders’ record breaking fundraising and leading to a larger share of younger voters than the records set by President Obama in 2008.
Goudiss has led the online advertising efforts for Revolution Messaging since 2009, bringing an offline organizing approach to online advertising tactics. His advertising team implemented the creative and targeting strategy for Health Care for America Now’s digital advertising, and played a large role in the ad strategy used as a catalyst to the Wisconsin Uprising against Governor Scott Walker. Under Keegan’s leadership, Revolution Messaging received several awards for its online advertising ventures including a 2012 Pollie for Best Use of Online Contrast Advertising with the Not My Wisconsin campaign. Prior to taking his post at Revolution Messaging, Keegan also worked for the National Committee for an Effective Congress and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as well as Democratic campaigns across the country.