KT McFarland

Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland (www.ktmcfarland.com) is FOX News’ National Security Analyst. She appears regularly on FOX News and FOX Business News. Ms. McFarland anchors DEFCON3 and writes a regular column for FOXnews.com. She is also the weekly national security commentator for several national radio shows.


Ms. McFarland held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan Administrations: as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger on the NSC Staff (1970-76); member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Staff (1981); Senior Speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and later the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (PA) and Pentagon Spokesman (1981-84). Ms. McFarland received the Defense Department’s highest civilian award for her work in the Reagan Administration (Distinguished Service Award, 1985). She ran as a Republican candidate for the US Senate from New York (2006).


Ms. McFarland is a graduate of George Washington University (BA), Oxford University (BA, MA) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD program, all but dissertation) with concentrations on nuclear weapons, China and the Soviet Union. She received Graduate Fellowships from the Ford Foundation, Institute for the Study of World Politics, and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Hubert Humphrey Fellowship).


Ms. McFarland is a Senior Fellow of the American Conservative Union. She is also a board member of The Jamestown Foundation, a Distinguished Advisor to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


She is married to Alan Roberts McFarland, founding member of McFarland Dewey & Co. They have five grown children and five grandchildren. The McFarlands reside in Long Island.