Michele Dauber

Michele Dauber is Frederick I. Richman Professor of Law at Stanford Law School. She has received numerous distinguished book awards and prizes including from the American Historical Association, the American Sociological Association, the American Political Science Association, the American Society for Legal History, and the Law and Society Association.Professor Dauber is the recipient of the 2006 Walter J. Gores Award, Stanford University’s highest teaching honor. From 2011-13, Professor Dauber co-chaired the Board on Judicial Affairs and helped to lead the process that initially revised Stanford’s policy on sexual assault to bring it into compliance with Title IX.

Dauber chaired the successful 2018 campaign to recall Judge Aaron Persky, the Judge who sentenced Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to just 6 months in jail after a jury convicted Turner of three felony sex crimes for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a campus fraternity party. Judge Persky had a pattern of light treatment in cases of sex crimes and violence against women, particularly where the perpetrators were college athletes. In June 2018, after a nationally high-profile campaign, Persky was recalled in a landslide election with 62% of voters supporting recall.

In July 2018, Dauber and the recall team founded the Enough is Enough Voter Project, a new political action committee that made headlines when it formed in September of this year. Enough is Enough is dedicated to ensuring that violence against women is a voting issue.Many politicians who have been credibly accused of serious sexual misconduct or abuse have faced no meaningful consequences — not from law enforcement, the government, or even their own political party. Others have made disparaging comments, harassed women, or consistently voted against proposals that would help survivors of sexual assault to find justice. Enough is Enough will hold them accountable.