Tanika Ray

Tanika Ray is most well known in her role as co-host of the syndicated entertainment television show “EXTRA”. For over 10 years, she has been known as the “woman with the big hair” deftly navigating the Hollywood world. She is recognized as someone with a unique ability to connect with Hollywood’s latest and greatest in a way that is authentically hers.

Tanika has also paved her way into creating, directing and producing content that inspires and unites. She has directed and produced numerous round tables about the power of black women and politics and was one of the producers for TVOne’s award winning Black History Month series “Change Agents.”As a mother of a young daughter, she is passionate about producing content that amplifies the voice of Black Women and inspires them to harness their power. Her commitment and passion for her community is steadfast as she continues to use her platform to work to develop and speak around the country on topics of resilience, social justice and activism.

Tanika firmly believes that when we all know ourselves we can all sit at the table together with respect.